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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


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Advanced Seismic Acquisition System

SIGMA 4 is the most advanced, field-proven acquisition system in the world. It works seamlessly to provide the most fully integrated source control/recorder solution!

Autonomous Operation using Internal Storage

"Real-Time" status, Command and Control

"Real-Time" Data and Status Return


 - WiFi – Meshed or standard WiFi


 - Cellular Phone Interface


 - Cabled option

USB External Storage for Fast Data Collection

Internal battery

Internal 3C geophone elements or external Geophone/Hydrophone sensors


Acquire Active Seismic


Vibroseis Data

Fully integrated with SourceLink software. Use SSC UE2 & Force 3 electronics for high production.

Mesh Radio Network option for real-time status.


Dynamite Data

Fully integrated with SourceLink software. Use SSC UE2 & Boom Box 3 electronics for fast acquisition.

USB data collection for quick data collection.


Impulsive Data

Fully integrated with SourceLink software. Use SSC UE2 & RTM 3 electronics for high production.

Cable-free design for operation in tough environments.


Acquire Passive Seismic


Hydraulic Facture Monitoring


SIGMA 4's real-time Wi-Fi network quickly provides continuous data


Induced Seismic Monitoring


Use internal or external sensors to detect the smallest of events


Long-term Event Monitoring


SIGMA 4 provides long-term reliability


MASW and ReMi Data Acquisition


Easy to deploy, easy to monitor, and easy to collect data and generate output files


Sigma 4 with Internal GPS & MRN

sigma4 acquisition

Sigma 4 with External Ethernet


sigma4 acquisition2


Autonomous Mode

Acquire data with minimal system interaction
Disciplined GPS provides timing and node locations
Use USB-Compatible Memory to offload data
Simply Connect Power and Record Data
  Network Command
Real-time status and control
MRN shows GPS, battery, memory, and node information
Use USB-compatible memory to offload data
Low-Power Network provides Status from All Nodes
  Wi-Fi Data Return
Real-time status, control, and seismic data
High-speed network collects status and data from nodes
Use standard "off the shelf" network hardware
Ethernet Downloads Seismic Data as it is Recorded
  Cellular System Operation
Remote control of seismograph nodes via Internet
Internet provides status, control, and data upon command
Use any available cellular vendor
QC Operating Nodes from Anywhere in the World

Network Configurations

In the Station to Access Point WiFi Network Topology, the data packets travel from a node to a collection point. The network paths are determined by the operation before acquisition starts. This makes the network extremely fast.
  With the WiFi Mesh Network Topology, the data packets travel from node to node. The nodes determine the optimum path and configure the network. This makes the network extremely robust.


  Hardware Specifications:
  Seismograph Node
3 channels (4 channels optional)
32 bit ADC sampling (24 bit stored)
GPS disciplined clock (internally or externally mounted)
8 Gbytes internal data storage (expandable to 128GB)
USB compatible external data collection
100base-T Ethernet onboard
Internal 3C - 2 Hz geophones
Single 26 pin 3C connector (including 12v power) for External sensors (including accelerometers)
  Wi-Fi Data Network
900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, or 5 GHz license-free communications
Real Time Seismic Data Return
Also provides node status and unit control
  Software Specifications:
  Observer provides command and control of the SIGMA4 nodes and enables system monitoring before and during acquisition.
Node Inventory Control
SEG-P1 & GPX Survey Data Import
Station Deployment
Instrument Testing & Report
Sensor Testing & Report
Mesh Communications
Spread Noise Display
  Data Collector
  Data Collector offloads seismic data from the SIGMA4 nodes via network or USB connections.
Real-Time Collection Status
Reads in data from USB sticks
Reads in data from WiFi / Ethernet
Reads in data from Cell Modems
Shot Status Reports
Supports Active & Passive seismic
Collect Minute’s Worth of Data in Seconds of time
  Harvest reads in the “raw” SEG‑Y data files, spatially aligns them according to their deployment, windows traces in time, and output records.
Outputs either SEG-D or SEG-Y
Outputs complete trace headers
Includes both Vertical and Diversity Stacking of Data Files
  SourceLink provides complete integration for active operation. Real time control of the Vibrator units, Dynamite units, or other land sources is provided and integrated with the real time receiver layout
in the Observer software.

sigma4 acquisition3



Expandability and Flexibility

All DAQlink 4 seismographs are compatible with the entire line of Seismic Source Co source control electronics. This includes the Force 3 Vibroseis controller, the Boom Box 3 dynamite synchronizer and the RTM 3 remote trigger module. DAQlink nodes are also compatible with the Universal Encoder 2. Use the UE2 for precise source operation.



Sigma4 (3 channels) Specifications:

A/D Converter


24 bit sigma delta (24 bits stored)


Preamp Gains


x1, x16 (0 dB & 24 dB)


Max Input (x1 gain)


5.0 Volts (peak to peak)


Max Input (x16 gain)


313 milliVolts (peak to peak)


Sample Rates


125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k SPS




DC to 85% Nyquist


Input Impedance


20k Ohms


Clock Sync


GPS or VHF/Wire


Sensor Supported


Passive & Active


12 V available for external sensors


3C Internal Sensors


2 Hz (1 vert & 2 horz) (optional)


Memory (Internal)


8 Gb (standard, can be upgraded)


Memory (External)


16 Gb (standard, can be upgraded)


Network (Internal)


Mesh Radio Network (optional)


Network (External)


100Base-T (Cabled or Wi-Fi)

Performance @ 500sps:

Dynamic Range


126 dB (x1 gain)



122 dB (x16 gain)




0.0001% (x1 gain)


0.0001% (x16 gain)




0.8 μV RMS (x1 gain)


0.09 μV RMS (x16 gain)




< -125 dB (x1 gain)


< -125 dB (x16 gain)


Trigger Accuracy


± 1 μs at all sample rates


Case Type






15.0 in x 5.5 in x 2.3 in (38.1 cm x 140 cm x 5.8 cm)




6.9 lbs (3.2 kg)


Power Requirement


9-28 Volts DC 1.3 Watts


Internal Battery


11.5 Volts (optional)



99 Watt/hour (can be shipped)


  Acoustic Monitoring System Brochure Download Sigma4 Brochure
  Sigma4+ Brochure Download Sigma4+ Brochure

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