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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


U Node
Convert an old Sercel 408 or 428 into a new Nodal System

System Overview:

The most successful data acquisition system of our industry was designed by Sercel, France. It is called the 428XL Land seismic acquisition system. Over 5,000,000 channels were delivered around the world. The two major building blocks of the field telemetry are the FDU-428 and the DSU3-428. The 428XL system is a conventional cable system, designed for large field projects, e.g. the spacing between the Field Digitizer Units (FDUs) is typically 55-75 meters, enabling it to connect to an analog string of 6 to 12 analog geophones.

Application of long and heavy Link cables are very cumbersome for a smaller system configuration and often require a node system. The recent downturn in the industry prevented service companies to spend CAPEX on purchasing new nodal systems.


U-Node Seismograph

SI decided to adopt our successful multichannel-based U-Node system for the Sercel 428XL telemetry and provide a node system using the 428XL system components, the DSU3 and the FDU. The only difference between the two versions of the U-Node system is the telemetry interface. All features developed for our SMG telemetry will be available for the 428XL telemetry users, including the option to return full precision data in real-time.

System Features:

Adaptable: can be used for recording real-time or autonomous data (U-Node can be used with cables, Wi-Fi, and in autonomous mode).

Versatile: can be used with any sensors and in all field conditions.

Compatible: can work with any source type (Vibroseis, Dynamite, Weight Drop, etc.) or mode of acquisition (UHPV, Flip-Flop, full autonomous, etc.)

Flexible: can be used with crews large, small, or to supplement conventional cabled crews.

Recording Data for Any Project

System Configuration

One U-Node can record data from up to 60 Sercel FDU nodes or up to 20 Sercel DSU nodes

U-Node crews can record either active or passive datasets

A crew can utilize a single U-Node for small projects or multiple boxes for large projects

U-Node boxes can be networked to a computer for continuous data streaming

U-Node boxes can be deployed for autonomously recording continuous data

U-Node systems employ wireless time-break recorders to capture record start times

System Compatibility

All U-Node acquisition systems are compatible with all Seismic Source control electronics


♦ Universal Encoder 3 for operation of any source on any project


♦ Force 3 Vibrator decoder/controller for Vibroseis acquisition


♦ Boom Box 3 decoders for acquisition with downhole or surface explosives


♦ Remote Trigger Box 3 for acquisition with mechanical impulsive sources


♦ VibLink IP and VibLink TDMA for high-speed crew communications from any location

U-Node Software and Specifications
U-Node Software
to Manage and Control Acquisition


Receiver Spread Management

Configure U-Node units

Assign receiver geometry

QC and troubleshoot receiver spread

Collect data from U-Node units

Display and Archive data files


Observer Screen


Source Operation Management

Configure source

Assign source point

Fire source

QC source performance



SourceLink Main Screen

U-Node Hardware

U-Node Specifications


Sample Rate

2000, 1000, 500 & 250 sps

Internal Storage

128 GB standard

Network (cabled and Wi-Fi)



10-30 volts hot-swappable

U-Node Requirement

144 mA @ 13.75 volts

Weight (Metric)

2.3 kilograms

Weight (Imperial)

5.1 pounds

Size (Metric)

206 x 155 x 132 mm

Size (Imperial)

8.1 x 6.1 x 2.5 inches


The U-Node A Seismograph

Update Sercel-Equipped Crews with U-Nodes

Each U-Node supports 60 Single Channel FDU modules

FDU Specifications

@ G400


Diff mode impedance



Full scale input

1.6 V RMS

400 mV RMS


> 130 dB



450 nV RMS

145 nV RMS

Instant dynamic range

130 dB


System dynamic range

140 dB



-110 dB


Gain accuracy

< 0.1%


Phase accuracy

20 uSec



110 dB


Power consumption

120 mW @ 8 Mbps, 132 mW @ 16 Mbps

from the Sercel Brochure

Each U-Node supports 20 Three-Channel DSU modules

DSU Specifications



Acceleration Measurement

Full scale

5 m/s2

Tile max value

± 180 deg

Noise (10-200 Hz)

0.4 μm/s2/√Hz

System dynamic range

129 dB @ 4 ms


0-800 Hz (up to 1,600 Hz with degraded specs)


-90 dB

Amplitude cal accuracy


Orthogonality cal accuracy


Power consumption

285 mW @ 8 Mbps, 300 mW @ 16 Mbps

from the Sercel Brochure


  DX-6 Brochure Download U-Node Brochure

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