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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


Software License

  width=18 Seismic Source License App installer
  width=18 SSC User License Information
  width=18 SSC License Support - Obtaining License

Android Apps

  width=18 Android App installer (Ver. 21.1.1)
  width=18 Android App Setup Information
  width=18 Handheld PPV Quick Start
  width=18 VibLinq Manual

SSC PowerPoint Presentations

  width=18 SSC Product Summary (PowerPoint)
  width=18 SSC High Perfomance Vibroseis (PowerPoint)

Force II/Force III Vib Control Electronics

  width=18 Force II Manual
  width=18 Force III Manual
  width=18 UE II / Source Link Manual
  width=18 Source Control Program (Ver. 3.17)
  width=18 Force III and Force II Flash Sweeps Program (Ver. 3.17)
  width=18 Source Signature Program (SrcSig Ver. 2.95)
  width=18 VDisplay Program (VDisplay Ver. 1.0.20)
  width=18 VDisplay Quickstart Manual


  width=18 Event Monitor (64-bit Version)
  width=18 Event Monitor (32-bit Version)

SourceLink Software

  width=18 SourceLink Software Brochure

GPS Navigation and Tracking Software

  width=18 GPS Tracker Software Brochure
  width=18 GPS Navigator Software Brochure
  width=18 GPS Navigator Manual
  width=18 GPS Navigator Program (Ver. 2.63)
  width=18 GPS Navigator Program (Ver. 3.02)

Boom Box System

  width=18 Boom Box Manual
  width=18 Boom Box III Manual
  width=18 BoomBox Weight Drop Manual
  width=18 BoomBox Brochure
  width=18 BoomBox III Brochure
  width=18 BoomBox III (Autonomous Mode) Brochure
  width=18 BoomBox View Program
  width=18 BoomBox Software for PDA (HP iPaq, Dell Axim)
  width=18 BoomBox Cable Drawings
  width=18 BoomBox Backpack

DAQLink System

  width=18 DAQLink4 Manual
  width=18 DAQLink III Manual
  width=18 DAQLink II Manual
  width=18 DAQLink Instrument Test System Manual
  width=18 DAQLink III System Brochure
  width=18 DAQLink4 System Brochure
  width=18 DAQLink 4 Marine Acquisition Brochure
  width=18 DAQLink 4 MASW Brochure
  width=18 DAQ3-3 Brochure
  width=18 DAQLink II System Brochure
  width=18 DAQTest Program (Ver.5.14) - for DAQLink II
  width=18 DAQLink Demo Package
  width=18 Data Collector Program (Ver. 3.92)
  width=18 BGR Program (Ver. 1.31)
  width=18 BGR Program (Ver. 2.04)
  width=18 BGR Program Manual
  width=18 SigmaSetup Program (Ver. 1.41)
  width=18 Harvest Program (Ver. 7.1S)
  width=18 Tester Program (Ver. 1.11) - for DAQLink III and DAQLink4
  width=18 Visualizer Program (Ver. 1.1.43)

VibraScope Software

  width=18 VibraScope Brochure
  width=18 VibraScope Program (Ver. 2.4.85)
  width=18 VibraScope3 Program (Ver. 3.39)
  width=18 'Quick start' guide for Sigma 4 with Wi-Fi using VibraScope3 Program

Bird Dog II System

  width=18 BirdDog II Manual
  width=18 BirdDog II System Brochure
  width=18 Geophone Testing Procedure
  width=18 BirdDog II Program - GeoTest (Ver. 1.90)
  width=18 BirdDog II Program - GeoTest (Ver. 2.88)
  width=18 BirdDog II Program - GeoTest (Ver. 3.29)
  width=18 BirdDog II Program - GeoTest (Ver. 4.29)
  width=18 GeoTest Program Compatibility Issues
  width=18 dll- and wav-files for GeoTest Program
  width=18 BirdDog II Program - AccTest (Ver. 4.20)
  width=18 BirdDog II Program - HydroTest (Ver. 1.70)
  width=18 BirdDog II - HydroTest Option User Manual

Bird Dog 3 System

  width=18 Bird Dog 3 Program - GeoTest (Ver. 4.29)
  width=18 Bird Dog 3-11 Program - VibTest (Ver. 1.43)
  width=18 VibTest Program - User Manual
  width=18 Bird Dog 3 - GeoTest 4 User Manual
  width=18 Bird Dog 3 - HydroTest Option User Manual
  width=18 Bird Dog 3 - VibQC Option User Manual
  width=18 Bird Dog 3-11 - BD3-11 and SrcSig Manual
  width=18 BirdDog 3 Brochure
  width=18 BirdDog3-11 Channels Brochure
  width=18 BirdDog3-11 Program - AccTest (Ver. 5.05)
  width=18 M6/M7 AccTest Manual

Portable BirdDog 3 System

  width=18 Portable BirdDog 3 Manual

RTM & Weight Drop Controller

  width=18 RTM & WDC Manual
  width=18 RTM3 Brochure
  width=18 RTM Program (Ver. 15.4)

Wireless Trigger Box 3

  width=18 Wireless Trigger Box 3 Brochure

M6 Accelerometer

  width=18 M6 Accelerometer Brochure

M7 Dual Accelerometer

  width=18 M7 Dual Accelerometer Brochure

Zero-Time Box

  width=18 Zero-Time Box Brochure

Connector Panel

  width=18 Connector Panel Brochure

Source Signature Recorder

  width=18 Source Signature Recorder Brochure

Vibrator Similarity Scale System

  width=18 Vibrator Similarity Scale System Brochure

Accelerometer Array

  width=18 Accelerometer Array Brochure

Portable Load Cell System

  width=18 Portable Load Cell System Brochure

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