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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


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Advanced Seismic & Acoustic Monitoring System

The Hardware:


Sigma 4 utilizes the “Seismic Acoustic Monitoring” seismograph node. This is the most advanced, field-proven acquisition system in the world. It works seamlessly to provide the most fully integrated source control/recorder solution.

Autonomous Operation using Internal Storage

USB External Storage for Fast Data Collection

Use internal battery option or external power connection

Internal 3C geophone or external Geophone/Seismometer/Hydrophone/Microphone

Supports standard Ethernet equipment


The Software:


Sigma 4 utilizes custom software: Event Monitor and Tremor Cloud. Event Monitor connects directly to a local network of one or more seismographs. With Tremor Cloud, one or more networks of seismographs are connected to a server and Tremor Cloud communicates with them via the Internet. However, both systems have the same features:

Project generation and configuration

Seismograph deployment, monitoring and maintenance

Multiple options for detecting and triggering events

Multiple options for FFT-based spectra displays

Individual reports are generated as events are detected

Output MiniSEED or SEG-Y data files to save events or late analysis

Daily & Monthly reports log events over longer time windows


The System:


This software and hardware combination help make Sigma 4 the most advanced seismic data collection system available. The hardware is tough and field proven; the software has years of use and development.

Expandable from one node to thousands of channels

Multiple wired or wireless network options

Autonomous or Real Time

Monitor Events or switch to recording active data

Integrated hardware and software

Years of experience in the field


Sigma 4 with External Ethernet


Sigma 4 with Internal GPS & MRN

Event Monitor for Local and Interactive Monitoring:


The computer running Event Monitor is directly connected
to seismographs via either a cabled or Wi-Fi network.


Benefits of local control

Interactive seismograph operation
Real-Time event alert
  Event Analysis
Peak Velocity versus Frequency chart
Octave Velocity vs Frequency chart
Peak Amplitude vs Time graph
Filtered RMS Amplitude vs Time graph
Dominant Frequency vs Time graph
  Data Display
Single and multiple node data displays
X, Y, and Z Channels
High-Cut, Low-Cut, DC reject and inverse filter
  Data transfer and Archive
Save data to SEG-Y files
  Automated Report Generation
Weekly, Monthly and customized



M4.2 earthquake from Montpelier, Idaho, USA

  Tremor Cloud for Remote and Unattended Monitoring:
  The computer running Tremor Cloud sends parameters and commands to a server (the “cloud”) and receives data from the cloud. The seismographs communicate with the cloud via Linux-based ruggedized computers.

Benefits of remote control

Setup and maintain large seismograph networks
Operate multiple networks at once
Emailed event notifications
  Event Analysis
Same analysis tools as Event Monitor!
  Data Display
Same display options as Event Monitor!
  Automated Report Generation
Same report options as Event Monitor!
  Ruggedized Linux Field Computer
Lightweight, single-board Linux computer - Draws power from Sigma
Upload unit receives parameters and commands from cloud and uploads data to cloud
Each Upload box serves one to ten seismograph stations

  Sigma4 Monitoring Features:
  Sigma 4 Unit
3 channels standard - 4 channel option available
32 bit ADC sampling - 24 bit stored
Preamp Gains: x1, x4, and x16
Sample Rates: 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000, 32,000 and 64,000 samples per second
GPS disciplined clock
8 Gbytes internal data storage
USB compatible external data backup
100base-T Ethernet onboard (optional MRN)
Internal 3C- 2 Hz Elements (1 vertical & 2 horizontal)
Single 26 pin 3C connector / External Sensors can be used
  Both Event Monitor and Tremor Cloud contain all similar features:
  Trigger Options
Includes trigger criteria or trigger levels
Peak and RMS Amplitudes
Filtered Peak and RMS Amplitudes
  Both Event Monitor and Tremor Cloud
Peak Velocity vs Frequency chart
Octave Velocity vs Frequency chart
Peak Amplitude vs Time graph
Filtered RMS Amplitude vs Time graph
Dominant Frequency vs Time graph
  Data Display
Single and multiple node data displays
Particle Velocity (Tremor Cloud Only)
X, Y, and Z channels
High-Cut, Low-Cut, DC reject and inverse filter
  Saved Data Files
Save events as miniSEED or SEG-Y files
Save windows data as miniSEED or SEG-Y files
  Automated Report Generation
Weekly, Monthly and customized reports


Sigma4 monitor5

  Sigma4 Monitoring Specs
Emailed Event Reports



  Identification Information
Location of Seismograph
UTC Time of Event
Project Name and Number
  Triggered Event Details
Peak Particle Velocity
Dominant Frequencies
Frequency/Velocity Graph with VCL
  Waveform Display
Calculated Particle Velocity Sum
Vertical / Transverse / Longitude Data
Adjustable Time Windows & Scale
  Reports Emailed when Triggered
Color PDF Report
Receive on Phone, Tablet or Desktop
Any Address, Anywhere, at any time

Sigma4 (4 channels) Specifications:

A/D Converter


24 bit sigma delta (24 bits stored)


Preamp Gains


x1, x4 & x16 (0 dB, 12 dB & 24 dB)


Max Input (x1 gain)


6.5 volts (peak to peak)


Max Input (x16 gain)


313 millivolts (peak to peak)


Sample Rates


125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k




DC to 85% Nyquist


Input Impedance


20k Ohms


Clock Sync


GPS or VHF/Wire


Sensor Supported


Passive & Active


12 V available for external sensors


3C Internal Sensors


2 Hz (1 vert & 2 horz) (optional)


Memory (Internal)


8 Gb (standard, can be upgraded)


Memory (External)


16 Gb (standard, can be upgraded)


Network (Internal)


Mesh Radio Network (optional)


Network (External)


100Base-T (Cabled or Wi-Fi)

Performance @ 500sps:

Dynamic Range


125 dB (x1 gain)



124 dB (x16 gain)




0.0001% (x1 gain)


0.0001% (x16 gain)




1.2 μV RMS (x1 gain)


0.2 μV RMS (x16 gain)




< -125 dB (x1 gain)


< -125 dB (x16 gain)


Trigger Accuracy


± 1 μs at all sample rates


Case Type






15.0 in x 5.5 in x 2.3 in (38.1 cm x 140 cm x 5.8 cm)




6.9 lbs (3.2 kg)


Power Requirement


9-28 Volts DC 1.3 Watts


Internal Battery


11.5 Volts (optional)



99 Watt/hour (can be shipped)


  Acoustic Monitoring System Brochure Download Sigma4 Brochure
  Sigma4+ Brochure Download Sigma4+ Brochure

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