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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


Featured for 2021...Source Control


 Navigation for Source and Sensor

Navigator screen refreshes 10x faster

Support for Weight Drop & BB operation

Background maps, survey, & layers (setup in SourceLink, then exported to units)

Includes alarms for hazard, exclusion and no trespassing zones – Alarms can be password protected

Now features automated start sequences

Operator can generate survey points "on the fly", created points then saved in SPS/SEGP1 format




Source Navigator plus VibLink

Supports "stakeless" & "pointless" crew operation and data acquisition

Supports survey and staking for line preparation and deployment (e.g. "bulldozer" mode)

Supports node deployment (analogous to stakeless operation for receivers)

Features support for Android devices


Vibrator Inclinometers

 In-Cab Tablet

Navigator or NavLink displays the tilt angle of both sections

Shows operator the position and orientation of the rear section

Logs angles, on second by second basis

 Dual Inclinometers for Articulated Vibrators

Two 3C inclinometers, one on the cab and one on the engine

Shows operator the position and orientation of the rear section

System links directly to Force 3

Vibrator is tilted, system prevents pad down

Vibrator shifts, system prevents pad up


 Real-Time PPV Measurements

Uses Sigma 4 digitizer & Android tablet

Measurement values sent from seismograph to tablet in real time

Tablet displays warning and alerts to technician

Technician alerts vibrator operator

Operator & Observer make decision about source point, point is either canceled or moved

Technician and monitor plus operation and vibrator move to next station

Featured for 2021...Source Control

VibLink TDMA

 Unit-to-Unit Communications

Uses VibLink Modules and VHF Radio

All In-Field Communications

Small, fast, 34-byte packets with status and commands

Optional internal coprocessor board, plus cellular data modem


VibLink IP

Communications Via Internet

Uses Cellular Modems and Internet Servers

World-Wide Communications

Standard F3 Messaging

Optional internal coprocessor board, plus cellular data modem



Alerts Crew to Changing Conditions

Uses VibLink TDMA and IP Communications

System can utilize geophones, accelerometers, microphones
and wind anemometers

System alerts all units simultaneously

System is fully automatic

Noise Aware compensates for lack of vision with shoot-blind
systems, provides noise information in real time


PPV Monitoring with Seismic in Mind

Uses VibLink TDMA and IP Communications

System is aware of source equipment locations

System alerts source operator of PPV violations

System is fully automatic

SeisAware can abort sweeps and prevent damage

Featured for 2021...Seismographs

DX-6 - Networked Seismograph

Autonomous or Managed Operation

Two Designs:


♦ Asymmetrical for downhole and monitoring


♦ Symmetrical for land seismic and spread rolling

Line power for hot-swapping batteries

Trigger recording from any node

Line Tap unit for stacking lines

DX-6 - Features

Real-time Command & Status

Real-time Quality Control

Real-time Data Collection

Simultaneous Active & Passive

Automated Deployment

Cabled & Wi-Fi links



U-Node for use with Sercel FDU & DSU Equipment

 U-Node System - Augment Your Crew

Add features and flexibility to an existing crew

Use conventional system where possible, use the U-Node system where it’s not

Use Wi-Fi to circumvent obstacles or record autonomously with GPS synchronizing

Each U-Node records 1 to 60 channels

Use multiple U-Node with crew

Compatible with existing Sercel equipment

 U-Node System - Stand-Alone

Replace Sercel 428XL electronics to modernize your 428 crew

Adds GPS timing and location accuracy

Adds Wi-Fi flexibility to system

Each U-Node records 1 to 60 channels

Use multiple U-Node with crew

Compatible with SSC Universal Encoder 3 and SourceLink


Featured for 2021...Field Equipment

SeiSled - Land Streamer

 SeiSled - Land Streamer

Geophone streamer towed behind truck or tractor

Rugged Steel construction

Tough nylon tow strap

Steel outriggers to keep geophones upright

Works with DAQlink seismographs

Works with a variety of sensors

Works with any portable source, either bumper-mounted or hand-held

Number of channels and channel spacing can be customized upon ordering

GTX 3 - Portable Geophone Test System

 GTX 3 - Portable Geophone Test System

Test geophones either in the field or the office

Browser-based operation, connects via Wi-Fi to phone, tablet, or notebook computer

Test results stored in GTX 3 and tablet

Handy tablet-mount on case

Internal battery for portability, charger included

Tests Include:


 ♦ Frequency


 ♦ Impedance


 ♦ Dampening


 ♦ Sensitivity


 ♦ Noise


  DX-6 Brochure Download Featured for 2021 Brochure

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