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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


Ultra High Productivity Acquisition

The Universal Encoder 3 (UE3) is the cornerstone of the next generation of seismic acquisition equipment. It features updated electronics, in a smaller enclosure, plus additional serial ports.
It is based on the new Force 3 system board. The Uni-versal Encoder 3 builds on the F3 card's strengths, increasing the UE3's compatibility, resulting in better data, acquired faster.

Universal Encoder 3

With the UE3's support for additional serial ports, the Universal Encoder 3 supports more fleets of more vibrators than ever before. Along with Seismic Source's SourceLink software, the Universal Encoder 3 supports even more acquisition techniques. More vibrators and better techniques results in more data acquired in less time. That's something important to every field crew!


Universal Encoder 3

Fractional Start and Stop Frequencies - The UE3 features a wider selection of start and stop frequencies

GPS RTCM corrections - Connect the UE3 to a GPS base station and send out RTCM corrections over the same radios used for data acquisition

Additional Serial Ports - UE3 has more serial ports to support multiple Digital Radios, Sercel Serial Interface, and GPS RTCM connections

Digital Radio Support - UE3 supports the latest Digital Radios (e.g. Kenwood 50 watt radio)

Analog Radio Support - And still supports legacy analog radios (e.g. low cost Vertex radios)

Ethernet Radios Support - The UE3 includes sup-port for low-power VHF-Ethernet radios. These radios have good speed and work well in many applications

Digital Radio Sims - Digital Radio Similarities are now available for UE3 and Force 3 or VibPro HD vibra-tor controllers

External USB Port - Use an Off-The-Shelf USB thumb drive to offload data from remotely operated UE3 units.


Ultra-High Productivity Vibroseis means more sweeps and more data per shift than any other system. Crews equipped with UHPV technology have eclipsed 50,000 shots per each 24-hour day.
A UE3 supports 4 independent radios, and each radio supports 4 fleets of vibrators, for a total 16 groups of vibrators.
Plus, as shown in the graphic, multiple UE3 units can be added for control of additional vibrator groups.


Better Management - Better Data



Compatible with all SSC source electronics:

The UE3 is compatible with all the acquisition electronics from Seismic Source and iSeis. It is optimized to the Force 3 Vibrator Controller (F3), Boom Box 3 (BB3) and the Remote Trigger Module 3 (RTM3).
The UE3 is also compatible with most recording systems, both conventional and autonomous. Along with SourceLink software the UE3 brings advance operation to older INOVA, ARAM and Sercel recorders. A UE3/SourceLink system is essential for all nodal recoding systems.
The UE3 is compatible with the Universal Encoder 2 (UE2).




Universal Encoder 3 Specs:



Timing - GPS Disciplined

Sweep Resolution - 24 bit

Internal Network - 100 Mbit Ethernet

Internal Memory - 8 Gbytes (expandable

Acquisition Techniques - Conventional, Slip-Sweep (Shell), HFVS (ExxonMobil), ZenSeis (ConocoPhillips), Variable Slip with Distance, Interleaved (Flip-Flop) Starts, ISSS

Compatibility - Cabled and Nodal Systems

Autonomous Support - Yes

GPS - Dedicated Port

RTCM - Dedicated Port


Source Numbers

Radios per UE3 - 4

Fleets per Radio - 4 (16 fleets total per UE3)

UE3 units per crew - unlimited


Radio Options

Supported Radio Types - Analog, Digital, and Ethernet

50 watt VHF Digital - 15+ miles @ 4800 baud

5 watt VHF IP - 10+ miles @ 9600 baud

5 watt 900Mhz IP - 10+ mile @ 1Mbps


Source Start Protocol Options

Crew Number Range - 1 to 250

Start Code Range - 0 to 255

Unit ID Range - 1 to 64

Sims Range - 1 to 63



Size - 12 x 12 x 4 inches

Weight - 6 lbs

Power Input - 10 to 30 Volts DC

Power Draw - 1 Amps



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