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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


Featured for 2024...

Force 3 Vibrator Controller



Full autonomous operation support

Complete support for managed crews

Compatible with NavLink navigation


  • Integrated Radio Interface
  • Integrated GPS Interface
  • Equipped with 8GB internal memory
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Integrated Ethernet

Universal Encoder 3



Interfaces with SourceLink software to monitor and manage field crews

Starts Force 3 Vibrator Decoders

Fires Boom Box 3 Blasters

Receives Signals from Remote Trigger Module 3

Compatible with many INOVA™ units

Supports multiple analog and digital radios



Boom Box 3



Full autonomous operation support

Complete support for managed crews

Compatible with NavLink navigation

Supports digital caps:

  • Austin Powder E*STAR Seismic
  • Dyno Nobel GeoShot
  • Maxam Riotronic Xs
  • Orica OSEIS and OSEIS II

Remote Trigger Module 3



Full autonomous operation support

Complete support for managed crews

Compatible with NavLink navigation


  • GPS timing and location
  • Three 24-bit data channels
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Compatible with standard hammer switches
  • Compatible with electromechanical vibrators

Wireless Trigger Box 4



Replaces Trigger Extension Cable

GPS timing and location accuracy

One unit at source and second unit at seismograph

Optional USB removable memory for break backup

Internal all-day battery

Shoot faster without dragging the firing line through trees and brush

Time Sync Unit 1



GPS timing without GPS signals

Utilizes ultra-high precision oscillator

Calibrate using GPS above ground, then take timing underground

Internal timing and battery runs over 24 hours, lasts multiple shifts

Output NEMA 3 serial data strings and Pulse Per Second signal

BirdDog3 WiFi+



QC geophones and accelerometers

QC Hydrophones w/ optional sonic tube and amplifier

Uses GPS timing

QC one Vibrators on-site, in the field

Optional Magnetic-Mount Accelerometers

Outputs report for all tests

Bird Dog 4 Vib QC System



24 data channels for testing sources and sensors

High-Speed ADC circuits for precise measurements of any signal

Specialized connections for easy use

Expanded internal memory for longer test runs

Records results in the field and prints reports back in the office

Featured for 2024...Seismographs

Standard DAQlink 4



24 channel general purpose seismographs for all projects


  • GPS Precision
  • Removable Memory
  • Internal high-speed Ethernet

12 channel MASW version available

Optimized for small crews running V30 Projects

Distributed DAQlink 4



Alternate version with built-in, high-speed, long-distance networking

Build recording systems with 48, 96, or more channels

Up to 32,000 SPS for shot records

Optimized for land project requiring multiple DAQlinks and real-time data



Stackable DAQlink 4



Alternate case design for stacking

Build recording systems with 48, 96, 120
or more channels

Up to 32,000 SPS for shot records

Optimized for Land and Marine streamer acquisition projects



Sigma 4+



High resolution 4 channel node

Optional equipment:

  • Internal or external battery
  • Internal or external sensors
  • Internal or external GPS module
  • External microphone
  • External Wi-Fi module
  • Internal Linux-based coprocessor
  • External solar battery augmentation

Optimized for long or short term monitoring projects

U-Node 2



Reuse 408/428 FDU/DSU Equipment

Each U-Node2 records 1-120 channels, can use multiple nodes

Adds GPS, Wi-Fi, and autonomous features to system

Compatible with SSC source control

Replace or augment Sercel 408 or 428 systems




 6 Channel, Netwoked Seismograph



6 channel networkable units

GPS accuracy in each unit

Real-time seismic data collection

Internal memory stores data during network outages

Trigger seismograph from any node

Includes power down the line

Build systems up to 600 channels

PPV Monitoring



PPV Monitoring with Seismic in Mind

Utilizes Sigma 4+ digitizers

Utilizes Inexpensive Android Tablets

Options include Wi-Fi and external microphone

System alerts operator of PPV violations

PPV Monitor can abort sweeps to prevent damage

Continuous Recording
with Cloud Storage



Real-time data collection from local or remote locations

Seismic data stored on cloud servers

Optional data QC and analysis

Optional management and control of remote stations

Access seismic data from anywhere at any time


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