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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.

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Institute of Technology of Cambodia


MEOS-GEO 2023, Bahrain


SAGEEP 2023, New Orleans


Ponca City, Oklahoma


Dale Neidig on field trips


Alaska, Feb 2017


China, 2017


Singapore, 2012


England, 2012


Indonesia, 2012


China, 2013


California, 2012


Cotulla, Texas, 2011


Breckenridge, TX


University of Texas, Austin, TX


University of Arkansas - Downhole Vibrator



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Colorado, 2008






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