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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


Ultra High Productivity Solution



UE3 Features:

Compatibility - UE3 is 100% compatible with the Force 3 system. Boards can be used as spares for the Force 3 system

Reference Flexibility - Multiple Digital and Analog References

GPS Discipline - GPS timing and assures starts on even sample boundaries for all continuous recording systems

Multiple Radio Support - UE3 can connect simultaneously to 4 High Speed TDMA radios. These multiple high speed radios assure reliable and efficient communication to all of the vibrator units used in High Production Vibroseis Mode

Digital Radio Support - UE3 supports the latest Digital Radios

Analog Radio Support - UE3 also supports legacy analog radios

Ethernet Radios Support - The UE3 includes support for low-power VHF-Ethernet radios. These radios have good speed and work well in many applications

Digital Radio Sims - Digital Radio Similarities are now available for UE3 and Force 3 or VibPro HD vibrator controllers

External USB Port - Use USB thumb drive to offload data from remotely operated UE3 units


Vib small2


Universal Encoder 3 Specifications:



Timing - GPS Disciplined

Sweep Resolution - 24 bit

Internal Network - 100 Mbit Ethernet

Internal Memory - 8 Gbytes (expandable)

Acquisition Techniques - Conventional, Slip-Sweep (Shell), HFVS (ExxonMobil), ZenSeis (ConocoPhillips), Variable Slip with Distance, Interleaved (Flip-Flop) Starts, ISSS

Compatibility - Cabled and Nodal Systems

Autonomous Support - Yes

GPS - Dedicated Port

RTCM - Dedicated Port


Source Numbers

Radio Serial Ports - 4

Radios per UE3 - 4

Fleets per Radio - 4 (16 fleets total per UE3)

UE3 units per crew - unlimited


Radio Options

Supported Radio Types - Analog, Digital, and Ethernet

50 Watt VHF Digital - 15+ miles @ 4800 baud OTA

5 Watt VHF IP - 10+ miles @ 9600 baud OTA

5 Watt 900Mhz IP - 10+ mile @ 1Mbps OTA


Source Start Protocol Options

Crew Number Range - 1 to 250

Start Code Range - 0 to 255

Unit ID Range - 1 to 64

Sims Range - 1 to 63



Size - 11 1/4 x 9 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches (286 x 242 x 57 mm)

Weight - 5.9 lbs (2.7kg)

Power Input - 10 to 30 Volts DC

Power Draw - 0.2 Amps



Ultra-High Production Vibroseis


Ultra-High Production Vibroseis (UHPV) means:

More sweeps per shift

Better data per sweep

More vibrators per crew

Better communications with fleets of vibrators

Better data quality control

More robust acquisition

Better production reports and information tracking

Crews equipped with UHPV technology have eclipsed 50,000 shots per each 24-hour day.


UHPV requires: SourceLink 3 software; one or more Universal Encoder 3 units; and vibrators equipped with Force 3 controllers.

SourceLink 3, UE3 and More

SourceLink 3, the Universal Encoder 3, and the Force 3 Vibrator controller form the UHPV system; to increase the overall quality and quantity of data.
SourceLink 3 has a simplified QC interface and an intuitive COG display for improved operation of multiple fleets of vibrators.
Universal Encoder 3 interfaces between the SL3 and the Force 3 units to improve communications.
Force 3 decoder controls the vibrator and stores timebreaks and accelerometer signals when unit is out of radio communication range.
This system can include both the Boom Box 3 for explosives and the Remote Trigger Module 3 for mechanical impulsive sources.

Source Control Equipment


Compatible with all SSC source electronics:

The UE3 is compatible with all the acquisition electronics from Seismic Source and iSeis. It is optimized to the Force 3 Vibrator Controller (F3), Boom Box 3 (BB3) and the Remote Trigger Module 3 (RTM3).
The UE3 is also compatible with most recording systems, both conventional and autonomous. Along with SourceLink software the UE3 brings advance operation to older INOVA, ARAM and Sercel recorders. A UE3/SourceLink system is essential for all nodal recoding systems.
The UE3 is compatible with the Universal Encoder 2 (UE2).



Universal Encoder 3


Autonomous Boom Box 3



All Decoders Features:

External GPS for accurate system timing

Three 32-bit (24 bits stored) data channels

All shot information stored internally

Supports Source Driven operation

Internal memory for Autonomous operation

Legacy Mode supports all standard crews


F3 Features:

Fully compatible with all servo-hydraulic vibrators

Compatible with most mechanical vibrators

Generate maximum force with minimum distortion

Automatic Vibrator Calibration

Wi-Fi support for source group communications

Automated Center of Gravity (COG) calculations

Wireless digital similarities


Boom Box 3 Features:

Most popular blaster for seismic exploration

1 μSec accuracy (GPS mode)

400 Volt firing voltage

Wi-Fi supports phone, tablet and computer browser access

Clip-on battery available for a compact, light-weight system


RTM3 Features:

Fully compatible with sources large and small

Triggers from hammer switch or geophone

±1 μSec accuracy (GPS mode)

±20 μSec accuracy (radio)

Wi-Fi supports phone, tablet and computer browser access

Clip-on battery available for a compact, light-weight system


Force 3


Remote Trigger Module 3


Vib small



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