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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


Force 3
For All Impact Sources

   Now Featuring:
Autonomous Mode

  ✓ No Radios
  ✓ No Repeaters
  ✓ No Problem!

Force 3

Advanced Acquisition Electronics

The Force 3 Vibrator Control System is the newest generation of vibrator control system. It is designed to control individual vibes, or synchronize entire fleets of trucks. Using GPS, or VHF/UHF radio, for its time base the Force 3 both starts the Vibrator and controls its sweep with unparalleled precision and accuracy.
The Force 3 is equipped with the latest ADC chips for better sweep resolution, increased computing power for faster response, GPS for precise source location, 8 Gbytes of internal memory for integrated VSS and PSS data storage, and integrated Wi-Fi for easy data offloading.

Advanced Acquisition Techniques

The Force 3 supports all acquisition modes and can switch seamlessly between them. Crews can change between techniques as the environment and situation requires, increasing their acquisition production.
The Force 3 controller's superior electronics generate better sweeps in worse conditions and tougher terrain. This helps ensure better data wherever the crew is operating.
The Force 3 operates either integrated or autonomously. Use integrated mode for multiple fleets of multiple units, or autonomous mode for vibrators in rough or remote terrain.
The Force 3 supports simultaneous control of multiple source types. Crews can record multiple Vibrator fleets, dynamite shooters, AWD weigh drops, and even air gun equipped boats from a central platform.


Force 3 Features Include:

SSC Compatible – Operates seamlessly with UE3, UE 2, Boom Box 3, & RTM 3 units

Integrated Radio Interface – Force 3 can be used with almost any radio

Integrated GPS Interface – Force 3 sends source location back to recording system

Equipped with internal memory – can operate autonomously without radio

Integrated Ethernet – Control Force 3




Compatible with P-Wave
and Shear-wave Vibrators










Recommended for use with
SSC's Universal Encoder 2

High-Productivity solutions from Seismic Source

    Complete Vibrator Control System

  ✓ Fully compatible with all servo-hydraulic vibrators
  ✓ Maximum Force output with minimum distortion
  ✓ Stable, Fault tolerant system
  ✓ Automatic Vibrator Calibration
  ✓ Dual Accelerometer circuits

    Meshed Wireless Ethernet System

  ✓ High speed wireless communication
  ✓ Vibrator Group messages
  ✓ Automated group Center of Gravity (COG)
  ✓ Source Driven operation
  ✓ Wireless Digital Similarities
  ✓ Upload Custom Sweeps

    GPS Location and System Timing

  ✓ GPS time synchronization
  ✓ VHF timing verification
  ✓ Centimeter accurate GPS

    Vibrator Navigation Software

  ✓ SSC Navigator program
  ✓ Allows Stake-less Navigation

    Includes Legacy Mode

  ✓ Compatible with Standard Radios
  ✓ Compatible with Standard Timing
  ✓ Compatible with Standard Crews

 Force 3 Vibrator Decoder Specifications:

Number of sweeps stored in library   64 standard, custom or linked
Sweep resolution   24-bit
Control system sample rate   0.25 msec
Vibrator Signature recording (HFVSTM)   Standard
Timing synchronization   Set by GPS time or VHF radio message
Meshed Wireless Radio   Available upon request
External storage   USB Flash
Built-in Ethernet speed   100 Mbit
Size   406x305x152 mm (16x12x6”)
Weight   10 kg (22 lbs)
Power Input   9-36VDC
Platform   Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Software Framework   Microsoft .Net 4.0
I/O   Ethernet, USB, Serial
Supported Survey Input Standards   SEG-P1, SPS
Supported Output Standards   SPS, SEG-P1, SBS
Maximum number of Groups   64
Maximum number of Vibrators or Shooters   64
Maximum number of Simultaneous Sweeps   64
  Supported Recording systems:
  - In Standalone mode:
All GPS synchronized nodal recording systems, such as Sigma, Z-Land, GSR, Unite, and other systems
All GPS synchronized cable based continuous recording systems, such as 408/428 in microseismic mode
  - In Slave mode:
RTI interface: OYO, ARAM
OVC and SGD Interface: Sercel


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