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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


M7 Acceleromer
Compatible Upgrade of Sercel AS2 TM Accelerometer
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Soft clipping
  • Mounting bolt water release reduces rusting


Dual independent Accelerometers for Quality Assurance

Protected against electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Protected against moisture

Input polarity protected

Output short circuit protected

Withstands up to 2000 g's without damage
M7 Acceleromer

M7 Acceleromer specifications:


Sensitivity: 180 mV/g differential +/- 1% typical

Frequency range: 0 to 2300 Hz

Damping factor 0.7 typical

Polarity: upward acceleration produces positive Voltage

Built-in test: "OK" is +20 V differential when dual outputs match within 5% full linear scale, measured between 0.7 and 130 Hz. Otherwise "OK" is -1 V differential


Dynamic Range:

Linear sensitivity between +/- 100 g's full linear scale

Over-range: Reduced sensitivity beyond +/- 100 g's

Total dynamic range without clipping: +/- 450 g's




Mounting pattern:


56.5 x 74 mm (2.22 x 2.91 in.)

Recommended mounting bolts:


M8 X 50 mm long, or 5/16" x 2" long, or 1/4" x 2" long

Body size:


88.4 L x 75.7 W x 40.9 H (3.48" x 2.98" x 1.61")


(connector adds 14.6 mm (.575") H)



500g (1.1 pounds)

Solid mounts for independent QC accelerometers:


#10-32, and 1/4" – 28 internal threads




Operating temperature range:


-40° to +100° C (-40° to +212° F)

Compensated temperature range:


-20° to +85° C (-4° to +185° F)

Power In:


+/- 15 V, +/- 40 mA


  M7 Dual Accelerometer Brochure Download M7 Dual Accelerometer Brochure

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