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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


Source Control and Synchronization Systems

  Vibrator Control System - FORCE III
  Universal Encoder - UE3
  android apps r Android Acquisition Apps
  VibLink & NavLink
  SourceLink™ software
  GPS Tracker Software
  GPS Navigator Software
  Dynamite Source Controller - BOOM BOX III
  Seismic Blaster System - BOOM BOX III (Autonomous Mode)
  Radio Trigger Module - RTM3
  Wireless Trigger Box - WTB4
  TSR Time Stamp Recorder - TSR4
  Time Sync Unit
  Weight Drop Control System - WDC

Big Bang

  Big Bang 50 Accelerated Weight Drop - Big Bang 50
  Big Bang 100 r Accelerated Weight Drop - Big Bang 100
  Big Bang 750 Accelerated Weight Drop - Big Bang 750
  Big Bang 750 3 POINT Accelerated Weight Drop - Big Bang 750 3 POINT
  Big Bang 2000 Accelerated Weight Drop - Big Bang 2000

Seismic Acquisition Systems

  Unode2 Seismic Nodal Recorder - U-Node 2
  Seismic Recording System - DX-6
  Seismic Recording System - Sigma 3+
  Seismic Recording System - Sigma4+
  ppv r PPV Monitoring
  daq4 24r Seismic Recording System - DAQLink4 Seismograph
  daq4 24dr Seismic Recording System - Distributed DAQLink4
  Seismic Recording System - Sigma™
  Streamer l Land Streamer
  VibraScope Software
  Seismic Cloud Software

Quality Control Systems

  BirdDog3 All Geophone Testing - Hydrophone Testing - Vibrator Testing System - Bird Dog 3
  BD3-3 Geophone Testing System - Bird Dog 3 WiFi+
  BD3-11 Vibrator QC System & Geophone Testing System - Bird Dog 3-11
  BD3 Hydrotest Hydrophone Test Option - Bird Dog 3
  Zero-Time Box
  M5/M6 Accelerometer Test Unit
  Portable Load Cell System
  acc array r Accelerometer Array


  M6 Accelerometer   Connector Panel
  M7 Dual Accelerometer
(Compatible Upgrade of Sercel AS2 TM)
  sigrecl Source Signature Recorder
  Sercel Adapter Box   Vibrator Similarity Scale System

  SSC Programs and Manuals Download SSC Programs and Manuals
    Old Generation of Products supported by Seismic Source Co

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