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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


GPS Navigator Software
Uses same Database as GPS Tracker Software
Common layers and Geodetic support as GPS Tracker

Dual Screen support for "zoomed" view and complete view of prospect

Source Flags are easily selected as waypoints

Real-time display of Bearing and Distance to next waypoint

Optimized for use with Touch Screen

Routes and trails can be recorded and loaded for "drive around" guidance

External Compass option for reliable direction information

Display of Vibrator Group information

GPS Navigator Software
GPS Navigator Software


Can be used with many makes and models of GPS receivers.

GPS data may be shared with other electronics – reduces number of GPS receivers needed in each unit.

Map overlay, source and receiver points, shape files, and user edited feature layers may be easily loaded and turned on or off to enhance readability of display.

Optimized for Windows® 8 tablet computers.

Optimized for use with UE2 / Force III system


Shows Shot Points Remaining to be acquired

Wireless connection to GPS Data

Uses same high accuracy used for vib control electrionics

SourceLink observer commands next waypoint to Navigator software

Navigator Specifications:
  Computer Requirements:    
Operating System   Microsoft Windows® 8
GPS Interface   $GPGGA, $GPGSA & $GPRMC
User Interface   Keyboard, Touch Screen, Mouse, etc.
  GPS Messaging:    
Minimum   $GPGGA
Recommended   RS232, USB, Ethernet, WiFi, etc.
Recommended Data Rate   1 message per second


  Navigator Software Brochure Download Navigator Software Brochure

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