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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


120 Channels per U·Node & Multiple U-Nodes per Crew

Modernize Your Sercel

Give new life to old equipment by transforming it into a nodal system

100% compatible with 408/428XL FDUs and DSUs

Add features and flexibility with GPS timing, removable memory, plus Wi-Fi and Cellular networking

Record data using a managed, autonomous, or hybrid operation

No annual license fee required

Compatible with SSC source control

System Compatibility

Two sets of 60 FDUs or two sets of 20 DSUs per U·Node 2

Unlimited U·Node 2s per spread

Reuse legacy cables for large spreads, or build shorter cables with tighter spacings for engineering applications

No central computer required, system uses off the shelf inexpensive PCs

Real time data monitoring for fast analysis of noise conditions and shot record quality


408, 428, 428XL, FDU, DSU1 and DSU3 are trademarks of Sercel

U·Node System Features

Acquisition Features:

Supports two 60 channel receiver spreads, one high and one low

No limit on U·Node 2s quantity per crew or project

Use legacy Sercel cables or updated FDU cables with custom receiver intervals

U-Nodes can supplement existing Sercel equipment, or record stand-alone projects

Two operating modes: "Continuous Mode" for recording passive data or event monitoring, plus "Triggered Mode" for acquiring individual shot records

U·Node 2 is a general-purpose seismograph system: Use on engineering crews, large projects, also 3D-VSPs and passive monitoring, anywhere lots of channels are required.

Hardware Features:

Standard 16 GB internal CF card for data backup and Optional 256 GB external memory plug for bulk data storage and fast collection

Standard internal GPS module for precision timing and recording unit location

Two battery ports for hot-swapping batteries

Two high-speed network ports, one POE-equipped port for Wi-Fi modules and one non-POE for connecting to computers and other network hardware

Hammer switch compatible trigger port standard

Software Features

Real-time noise monitoring, data retrieval and shot record displays

System supports Sercel instrument and sensor tests

Full software suite included with each system sold, no maintenance fees required

System compatible with Seismic Source's Universal Encoder/SourceLink system for control and operation of all land sources (Vibroseis, Dynamite, Weight Drop, etc.)


Using U•Node 2 for Engineering Projects
The U•Node 2 supports Refraction, Reflection, and Surface Wave (MASW, ReMi, SPAC) projects.

U·Node Benefits for Small Crews

Simple equipment layout and pickup

Real-time streaming noise, status, and data collection

Connect to spread via cables or Wi-Fi network

Trigger system using Wi-Fi, VHF radio, or direct wiring

Quality seismic data from any number of channels

Vscope3 Real Time Display

Vscope 3 includes Real-Time Data Display

Acquisition Features

Vscope 3 acquisition software provides:

Real-time noise and shot monitoring

Simple geometry assignment

Vibroseis correlation

Vertical stacking

Trace spectra display for QC

Streamer mode for land and marine acquisition, includes near-trace display

Gather mode for extracting active spread from deployed stations

Vscope 3 Real Time Monitor

Vscope 3 features Real-Time Noise Monitor

U•Node 2 for Large Exploration & Monitoring Projects
The U•Node 2 supports active source acquisition and passive monitoring projects.

U·Node 2 Operation

Observer software configures, monitors, and collects seismic data from one or more U·Node 2s

For crews running multiple U·Node 2s and/or multiple lines

Use cables or Wi-Fi networks for real-time QC and data

Builds and archives shot records

Works with SourceLink


Observer software monitoring and
controlling multiple U·Node 2 Nodes


Acquisition with U·Node 2

SourceLink software provides overall project management

Features high-productivity operation

Supports Vibroseis, dynamite, and mechanical impulse sources

Generate daily production reports

Use for crews running multiple sources and/or shooters

Fully compatible with Sercel sources and recording systems

Works with Observer


SourceLink software controls the
U·Node 2 data acquisition process

U•Node 2 Options and Specifications

Optional Integrated Sensor and FDU:

Integrated option adds geophone elements into FDU electronics pod on spread cable

Utilize either single or twin-elements (Ultra High Sensitivity Geophone option) sensors inside the integrated pod

Cables configured with 1 to 12 geophone and FDU pods available

Custom cable length and/or group intervals available upon request

Integrated sensor and FDU reduces the equipment required

Simplified system reduces deployment errors

Ultra High Sensitivity Geophone - Great for single-sensor systems

Streamlined Cabling - Perfect for land streamers

Geophone with Twin Elements

sensor fdu

U-Node 2 Hardware

U-Node 2 Specifications


Sercel Spread Connectors

Two FM4 Panel Mount Connectors

Internal GPS Module

High-accuracy internal GPS

Internal Storage

16 GB CF internal standard

External Storage

256 GB removable memory plug optional

Network (Wi-Fi & cable)

100base-T (one POE & one non-POE)

Trigger Port

Standard 3-pin (hammer switch compatible)


10-30 Volts, Sercel compatible, hot-swappable

U-Node 2 Power Requirement

1.2 Watts @ 12 Volts per U·Node 2

Weight (Metric / Imperial)

3.0 kilograms / 6.5 pounds

Size (Metric / Imperial)

330 x 200 x 75 mm / 13 x 8 x 3 inches


unode2 field2

120 Channel U•Node 2 in the field with attached battery and WTB4


Update Sercel-Equipped Crews with the U-Node 2

Each U-Node 2 supports 120 single channel FDU modules

FDU Specifications

@ G400


Supported Sample Rates

500, 1000, 2000 & 4000 SPS


Diff mode impedance



Full scale input

1.6 V RMS

400 mV RMS


> 130 dB



450 nV RMS

145 nV RMS

Instant dynamic range

130 dB


System dynamic range

140 dB



-110 dB


Gain accuracy

< 0.1%


Phase accuracy

20 uSec



110 dB


Power consumption

140 mW per 408 FDU

120 mW per 428 FDU

from the Sercel Brochure


Each U-Node 2 supports 40 three-channel DSUs modules

DSU Specifications


Supported Sample Rates

500, 1000, 2000 & 4000 SPS


Acceleration Measurement

Full scale

5 m/s2

Tile max value

± 180 deg

Noise (10-200 Hz)

0.4 μm/s2/√Hz

System dynamic range

129 dB @ 4 ms


0-800 Hz (up to 1,600 Hz with degraded specs)


-90 dB

Amplitude cal accuracy


Orthogonality cal accuracy


Power consumption

285 mW @ 8 Mbps

from the Sercel Brochure



  DX-6 Brochure Download U-Node 2 Brochure

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