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Seismic Source Company is a manufacturer of seismic instruments and data acquisition systems. Its products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring.


TDMA Communication Upgrade Option
TDMA Communication Upgrade Option
     Seismic Source Co is the world's largest independent center for vibroseis research and development. Its unrivalled facilities permit new techniques to be field-tested and hardware/software to be developed to work with a wider range of acquisition systems and vibroseis controllers than any other company's in the world. As a result, SSC is the largest supplier of modern vibroseis control products to the North American market and is rapidly expanding to other locations internationally.
     To cope with the need for increased flexibility in vibroseis control, SSC now offers its TDMA Communication Option package as a robust, simple and low-cost upgrade for all users of Force Two and INOVA Vib ProTM control electronics. However, it is more than just a communications system; it is also a vibrator signature recorder. With the SSC Force Two system or the INOVA Vib ProTM units enhanced with this option, they can provide greater functionality and flexibility than any other vibroseis control package in the world.

TDMA and the Latest Vibroseis Techniques
SSC's advanced high-speed Time Division Multiple Access option includes a digital radio communication subsystem. This allows standard, existing vibrator VHF radios to carry far more data. It does away with any need for additional specialized radio equipment. The SSC TDMA package can be used to improve standard vibroseis operations such as single fleet and flip-flop, as well as advanced vibrator techniques including:

Slip Sweep(Shell)



ISS & Ds3(BP)

Control of up to 256 groups of independent vibrators

TDMA and Vibroseis Signature Recording and QC
SSC's TDMA Communication Option not only enhances the latest vibroseis techniques, it also provides a range of automated data quality control features which are not available with any controller: It enables industry-standard Vibrator Radio Similarities; it allows GPS-conditioned synchronization to provide microsecond-accurate time stamps and GPS positions on every sweep; it has 24-bit built-in Vibrator Signature recording and storage for all sweeps. It also provides advanced vibroseis techniques to older acquisition systems including:




TDMA and WiFi Group Communications
As an additional option to the TDMA package, SSC also offers its new Vib-WiFi package. Using Vib-Wifi every vibrator in a local group can report comprehensive QC and status messages after each sweep to the head vibrator. This data is then sent back to the observer using the TDMA communications option. Features include:

Vibrator Group ready message

Vibrator Group Center of Gravity accurate vibrator group position for:

  • Stakeless operation
  • Source-driven acquisition

Group quality control message

Easily change group assignments using simple radio commands.

TDMA and the latest Source Control and Observing Software.
SSC has also developed new software to complement the latest recording systems and acquisition techniques:

SPS/XPS driven operations

Source driven acquisition.

SSC's advanced software utility "Sigma Observer", offers a wider range of vibroseis control options than exists anywhere else today. These include manual or source-driven acquisition with almost any conceivable deployment of up to 255 vibs. When coupled with the Sigma cablefree seismic system, land acquisition reaches new stages of flexibility. For the first time in land acquisition history, all sources, receivers and source controllers are able to act entirely independently of each other, and appropriate data sets generated harmoniously when required. Sigma may be used as a stand-alone system or side-by-side cabled recorders.

Modern Acquisition and Source Control Philosophies
Until recently, common acquisition philosophy for vibrators saw them under the command of the recorder. This in turn meant that the source controller was designed as a peripheral to the central recording system, restricted in its operational flexibility due to pre-conceived or old ideas of how sources and recorder must work together.
However, the latest vibroseis techniques require vibrators and recording channels to be entirely independent of each other, with all source and receiver records brought together harmoniously just when data files are to be compiled. Only in this way can crews maintain the highest levels of productivity and cope with ever-changing acquisition techniques. The latest source controllers and recording equipment from SSC are uniquely able to offer this level of independence and rapid deployability.

Sigma is a trademark of iSeis Co., subsidiary of SSC.
Vib ProTM is a trademark of INOVA Geophysical


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